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Racso Jugarap.jpg
My attempt to recreate Nikola Tesla's iconic photo. Who did it better?
Racso Jugarap Carmen.jpg
Carmen Series Racso J Installation Idea.jpg
Concept Installation using the aesthetics of the CERN Particle Collider as inspiration.

Carmens (The Portals)

This series was created during the confinement due to the Global Pandemic. Most of us were forced to stay home, work from home, and traveling is something that we missed doing. My Carmen Series represents a portal. A portal going where? I have no idea, as each one of us wants to go and visit somewhere. Me, since I am a Filipino artist based in Brussels, Belgium, I wanted to visit my family back home in the Philippines. But even though the idea of a portal or a door to somewhere is just an abstract or metaphor, the message that I want to share with this piece is to never give up on humanity; one day soon, we will get out of this dilemma together.

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