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Ovoi no. 3
130cm x 93cm x 29cm
Metal Wire, paint
Unique Series


OVOI is a series of wire sculptures out of spare wires that I've accumulated over the years that give the trashed materials new life and beauty. Each artwork is like a patchwork of memories, using the wire's twists and bends to tell a tale of the lives they formerly led and the new forms they have assumed in the hands of an artist.



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About The Artist


Racso Jugarap A self-taught artist from the Philippines who has always been fascinated with creations. Growing up to be the youngest son of a jewelry crafter, Racso had already been exposed and seen playing with the tools in his father’s workshop, creating toys, or making a very intricate school project. Later on, while studying Hospitality Management, he had already been commissioned to do pieces for hotels and business establishments.


 He was given an opportunity to travel around the world working as a chef and to see the beauty, energy, and culture the world has to offer. Now living in Belgium and having to experience firsthand how art has been part of most of the people's lives, this inspired him to share his art to the public that has been kept hidden for so long. Curves have been always an element in his works. For him, curve shapes express fluid movement and it could be dynamic. It depends on how much the curve is in the object, the less curve the calmer.

Ovoi no. 3

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