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Brussels Belgium

Unique Piece

120 x 80 x 30 cm

Galvanized Iron and Paint

Certificate of Authenticity



Shipping & Handling Fee Not Included


Captures the spirit of playfulness, much like the frolicking waves. This wire sculpture invites you to embrace the joy and whimsy of life. With fluid lines and graceful curves, it embodies the dynamic essence of movement and spontaneity.


Just as the ocean waves dance with the shore, "Swirl" embodies the free-spirited energy of playful moments. It encourages you to let go, twirl with abandon, and find delight in the simple joys of existence.


About The Artist


Racso Jugarap is a self-taught artist from the Philippines with a lifelong passion for creativity. Growing up as the youngest son of a jewelry craftsman, Racso frequently found himself engrossed in his father's workshop, crafting toys and embarking on intricate school projects. As he pursued his studies in Hospitality Management, he began to explore his artistic talents further.


His journey took him around the world as a chef, allowing him to immerse himself in the beauty, culture, and energy of diverse global destinations. Now residing in Belgium, Racso has drawn inspiration from the integral role of art in people's lives and has decided to share his own hidden artistic talents.


Curves have consistently been a prominent feature in his creations. For Racso, curved shapes represent fluidity and dynamism, and the degree of curvature in an object can convey both calmness and vibrancy, adding depth to his artistic expressions.


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