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Vessels Of Abundance

Vessels of Abundance.jpg

A jar-like form made from woven metal wire arranged in an organic cluster. Metal wire, as the material of my choice, is colored in black to give it an ink-like appearance, almost like a drawing but three-dimensional. The individual object depicts a jar or a vessel with a mouth opening on one end to collect abundance and the body to store what abundance means to you. I have always been fascinated by the idea of abundance. But, of course, abundance can manifest in many forms: money, love, happiness, positive relationships, good health, and so much more.

The process starts by creating the grid frame using a technique commonly used in the construction industry called rebar wire tying. When the structure is complete, I strengthen the joints by soldering them using a small butane torch. A smaller size wire is then weaved meticulously from top to the end, giving it a meshlike appearance. Finally, multiple coats of paint are used to protect the material from rusting. The process is slow and repetitive; I used it as my meditation.

About The Artist

The Filipino Wire Artist Racso Jugarap (1989) emerges and proves to unite people by interests of unique and contemporary conception through his wire artistry. In 2015, the artist decided to choose Belgium as his home.

His concepts are the skeletons of his previous handmade pieces. The detailed wireworks give the impression of shadows in their organic form, a representation of levitation, grace, fluidity, resilience, and flow. The wire bender loses track of his time in deep focus while working on masterpieces.

Art manifestation has become an integral part of life where it is embraced in various disciplines and structures. The hand skill to divulge oneself’s expression and give the excuse for gathering shared experience in response to creating a sub-culture.

Vessels Of Abundance Installation.jpg
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